Founded in 1918, Tatung Company is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of a vast array of digital consumer products, including LCD TVs and PDPs, network-connected devices, storage-based media players and home appliances. Tatung also delivers advanced products for business computing, such as Tablet PCs, WebPAD, and blade servers. For industrial products, Tatung has been well established in the power and energy businesses.

By capitalizing on the advantages of vertical integration, Tatung makes full use of the supply of key components such as flat-panel displays and digital tuners from its many subsidiaries located across the globe. In order to sustain strong, long-term growth, Tatung focuses particularly on the development of advanced technologies and global network of operations. With its overseas branches expanding into 12 countries, Tatung is in a solid position to deliver products more efficiently and render customer services more effectively. Monitoring its global operations from the Taipei headquarters, Tatung offers customers tremendous advantages of cost, speed, and seamless backend support in order to stay ahead in today's dynamic business world. Tatung specializes in the ODM/OEM business and serves branded customers on a global basis.

                          Message from Chairman

"We believe that innovation brings value and strength for a company's long-term sustainability. At Tatung, innovation not only applies to technology and process, but also extends to the management mentality." W.S. Lin

          Tatung realizes that to emphasize and adhere to high quality and good services is the only way for a company to win out in a fast changing and fiercely competitive market. Nearly nine decades have elapsed since Tatung’s establishment in 1918 and Tatung has well endured numerous challenging market changes. Starting with the construction business, Tatung nowadays has developed into a well-diversified conglomerate with four major business group / units, i.e. 3C Business Group, Home Appliances Business Unit, Industrial Appliance Business Unit, and Wire and Cable Business Unit. As a conglomerate, Tatung has followed the strategy of vertical integration of an industry in order to build the key competitive advantage of supply chain efficiency and profitability enhancement. Accordingly, Tatung’s subsidiaries and affiliated companies have expanded to Europe, North America, Mainland China, and Southeast Asia, with a wide industrial coverage from opto-electronics, power and energy, information and communication system integration, parts and components, industrial systems, distribution channels, bio-medical technologies, chemicals, to property development. We are therefore able to provide our customers with top-quality products and services on the back of our globally integrated network of manufacturing, logistics, marketing and service bases.

We believe that flat panel displays, such as the LCD/Plasma TV, and other digital home devices are the wave of the future and will provide ample business growth opportunities. Our TV manufacturing experience accumulated over the past 40 years places us in a unique niche for Tatung’s digital TVs to perform impeccably with outstanding quality and features including brighter colors, sharper images, and finer resolution. In line with the rise in global awareness of environmental conservation, Home Appliances BU will center its efforts on developing products that are environmentally friendly, energy saving, as well as healthy and safe for consumers. Industrial Appliance BU will also continue to develop energy-saving products of high efficiency, while the Wire and Cable BU will focus on the development of products with low lead, no cadmium, low smoke, and no toxin. Our belief in professionalism and integrity has made us a trustworthy and long-time partner of many internationally renowned companies. The spirit of enterprise shall remain as the heritage that leads Tatung into the exciting digital new era of the 21st century.

Yours sincerely,