• Lead-Free Tin-Plated Copper Wire

Lead-Free Tin-Plated Copper Wire

Lead-Free Tin-Plated wire complied withRoHS requirements is used to lead wire of different kinds of electronic parts,capacitors and resistors.



Our products include those characteristicsas following: 

·Homogeneous DIP bare copper wire, good tenacity and solder ability

· Solder surface is smooth and uniform, it iseasy to weld and process

·Corrosion-proof, it can keep good solder ability and brightness when stored forlong time  

· It issuitable for high speed and efficiency soldering equipment

· Our tin dipped copper wire is widely usedin resistance, capacitor and other electric components.

We have the traditional soldering pot andthe new instrument of solder ability testing of electronic components forsurface mount technology by the wetting balance method to check the solderability of tin plated wires. The new method was calculated the adhesion by thechange of surface tension, buoyancy and wetting when the wire immersed intosoldering pot. The operating diagram of the instrument is shown as following: