Oxygen-Free Copper Rod
  • Oxygen content is less than 15PPM,the average conductivity is 101%, higher than the other processes wire 
  • The particle grain is fineand excellent in twisting and drawing
  • Less impurity, scrap and spur easy for fine wire drawing without break
  • Smooth ans bright surface,good adhesion in tin plating and enamel coating (Especially for rectangularwire)
  • Extra low oxygen content,will not be brittle that caused by hydrogen
  • Continuous process, theweight of each coil can be assigned by customer (Max 4 Tons)

  Magnet wires
  • Motor wire
  • Super-fine wire
  • Double coating wire (voice wire)
  • UL recognized wire
  • Other (customer's requirement)                                                                                                               

Lead-Free Tin-Plated Copper Wire
  • Homogeneous DIP bare copper wire, good tenacity and solder ability
  • Solder surface is smooth and uniform, it iseasy to weld and process
  • Corrosion-proof, it can keep good solder ability and brightness when stored forlong time
  • It issuitable for high speed and efficiency soldering equipment
  • Our tin dipped copper wire is widely usedin resistance, capacitor and other electric components.